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We have started to use Nowait in order to make your life better.  Here is how it works.  You need to download the app on your phone first by clicking here.  Then once downloaded you can find either of our syrup. locations by searching for "syrup" it will usually give you the one closest to you.  It will show you our current wait time and give you an option to be added to our list.  As you move up on our list the app will show you in real time where you are.  We encourage you to get to the restaurant about 5 minutes before your table is ready and checkin with our host or hostess by the door.  Every now and again it might take a little longer than our estimate, but we will update as much as we can. (I mean who really can calculate how long it takes to gulp down our amazing fritatta).  


We hope this makes your life easier!  Tell your friends too so they don't have to wait, or don't tell your enemies and let them sit there for a while.  See you soon!


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